Trip to the Free Spirits Rally

Minden, Louisiana

September 3-5, 2004

 A line of ARK-LA-TEX bikes as riders register for the Poker Run.


Meeting at McDonalds, Monty, Neil, Jimmy and Liz

Shrimp isn't this cheap in Iowa

Where's all the Yamahas?

My bike for a day!

 Supercop checks out the camping scene

 Registration time

Liz, Bubba, Dottie and Gail, out late

Johnny, Jeremy, Jimmy and Neil

 Saturday morning at the Best Western

Fellowship before leaving

Everybody's here

Neil paying off, I mean, registering for the bike show

Which way?

Last minute discussions

 First stop on the Poker Run

There were a LOT of trikes

 and a Titan that took second place to Fuzzy Bear

Congregating during the bike show

 Second guessing the judges?

Waiting for information

Johnny, Dawn and Jimmy Smith

 Are they done yet?

I think it's time to eat

Neil, Janice, Dawn, Jimmy and Fuzzy Bear

Fuzzy Bear, Monty, Liz, Johnny, Laura and Jeremy

 Janice, Dawn, Randall, Liz and Johnny

 Fuzzy Bear, always bragging  :)

Mike and Rene

David, Gail, Dottie and Bubba

Dave and Debbie

 Jack and his wife

Jerry rolled in late after working all day


Neil and David at rest

 Monty, Jeremy and Laura