January 2nd. Tasha & I pulled a trailer of furniture to David in Chicago

 The outside of David's apartment building

A view of one of the shops at Universal Technical Institute where David attends

Specialized training

Diesel engines in a classroom

Refrigeration units

David & Tasha


February 3 in Des Moines at Phantom of the Opera

Me, Janet, Stephie Mae, Jon & Tasha.

February 11

Cassie, Stephie Mae, Janet, Tasha, Blue. Kyle and Jon

A new technique using cupcakes as a pullapart cake

Sloan, Iowa, February 24. Lenny Lane & Norman Smiley

Also in attenance were Rick Steiner and Sharkboy

Jon finally got to meet Norman in person

Tasha, Trista, Jake, Dan and Jon

Sharkboy prepares a punch countdown on Lenny


Feb 1992 - March 2007

Talimena. Click on the picture for more!

Chris, Tiffany & Jay

Jay & Sarah's wedding party

"I do"

Wedding portrait

Jay was pretty relaxed


Sandy explains a few things to Jay & Sarah

Sarah shows off her rock

Janet & me

Chicken feed. Janet, Cassie, Tasha, Kyle, Blue and Jon enjoy a feast night.

Jay Lynn's birthday

Actually, a few weeks early -

since Emily was leaving for the Navy

One year old

Blue, Janet & Joe on Christmas Eve

David & Tasha

Me & Joe


Janet & me




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