Target Practice,

exercising our weapons

September 24, 2011

-  -

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Randy shooting my XD .45 Jeff sights in his .22 Charger Dryer in
Dryer out Randy testing his new .410 Circuit Judge Randy with my Mosin-Nagant rifle
Another dryer shot My Suburban Pete rode out
Joe powers up Jeff and Randy Randy with my Thompson .45
Pete with my Thompson and Joe and me
Jeff with his Thompson One dead Chevette Entry
Exit another exit wound Pete and Randy examine the dryer


October 1, 2011

-  -

Steph with Wade's .410 revolver Janet with my Mosin-Nagant Christine with one of Wade's revolvers
Janet shooting my Ruger 10-22 Steph, Jeff, Wade and Christine Steph and Jeff prepare their Chargers
Wade shoots my XD .45 Janet firing my Ruger 22/45 and Christine
Me with my Mare's Leg .22 Wade shooting my Mosin-Nagant Me with my XD
Janet with my XD .45 Wade firing my Mossberg Janet tries out my Thompson
Me with my Thompson Steph with Jeff's (or her) Thompson Wade shooting my Thompson, with the Joker sighting the target



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