The History of


St. Paul's Lutheran School


Sioux City, Iowa





Soon after St. Paul's Lutheran Church was started, itís members felt the need for a Christian education for their children. In 1881, a call was extended to the Teacherís Seminary at Addison, Illinois, to A. Frinke to become our first teacher.


The following year when the congregation was going through a period of turmoil, Mr. Frinke was released. In 1882, Rev. Carl Runge reopened the school and in order to keep it going taught all the classes himself.


In 1903, E. W. Fremder was added to the staff. During this time, the school was an ungraded school. Each child worked at his or her own level; some took German, some took English, whichever they needed. Even Zoology was taught and one bright 8 year old took the course with the 14 year olds. There were 54 students and 2 teachers. Also in 1903, our parish school participated in the Lutheran exhibition at the Worldís Fair in St. Louis, Missouri.


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During World War I, the school was back to being a one-room school. School was held on the ground floor rooms of the church at 613 Jackson Street until 1916. It was then that Mr. & Mrs. G. H. Gruner donated a two story brick building at 614 Jennings Street. The building was dedicated on November 8, 1916. School was held on the first floor and the second floor was used as a parish center. A second room was added in 1923 with women teachers.




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Many teachers served the school throughout the years with W. J. Ehlen serving the school for 24 years from 1920-1944. He accepted a call to to Monroeville, Indiana. Mr. Ehlen had also served as secretary of the congregation for most of his years at St. Paulís, writing the Voterís Meeting Minutes first in German and then in English.


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The church council, January 6, 1936, recommended charging $2.00 per month tuition of those children whose parents are menbers of other churches. The school board was given permission in 1938 to spend up to $10.00 for playground equipment. The school building was repaired after a fire on July 7, 1940. The Education Board had tickets made for the children of the school so they could ride the street car at a cheaper rate. This was in agreement with an arrangement with The Service Company.


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In July, 1944, Mr. Marty came to St. Paulís and was the first teacher to get a car allowance; $5.00 per month. New maps were purchased for the school. The school pianos were tuned. The tuition charge was raised from $2.00 to $3.00 per month for pupils outside the congregation. St. Paulís was now thinking of a 3 room school, with a ninth grade. This was the first thought of a consolidated school with sister congregations of the city. There were meetings between Mr. Marty and pastors of other Sioux City churches and the pastors agreed to present the matter to their congregations.


In November, 1945, a Motherís Club was organized within the congregation whose purpose was to assist in promoting the parochial school, itís teachers and pupils. In January, 1946, Pastor Janke reported that a donation of $1,000.00 had been received for the purpose of starting a building expansion fund. Mr. Marty presented the question of an additional grade or room and a third teacher was called. A third classroom was not added until 1947.


The third teacher was Mr. E. P. Schauland, the youngest brother of Rev. H. H. Schauland, our pastor from 1967 - . Mr. Schauland and his bride to be, Miss M. Glade, were both involved with the work of the congregation that year. Mr. Schauland left in the spring of 1948.


On September 5, 1950, was the celebration of the 70th school year at St. Paulís Lutheran School (614 Jennings St.).


In 1951, the school began a kindergarten class.




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A parish hall, gym, and an area to be used for future classrooms was added to the school building in 1952 with dedication on October 12th. Ninety school desks costing $3,100.00 were donated by Alfred Schmidt.


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Plans and ground work to form a school association with other Lutheran congregations were begun as early as 1952 by Principal Delbert Schultz and continued by Principal Erich Bredehoeft in 1956. Congregations wanting to have a Christian education for their children but not wanting to assume the financial expense on their own, joined together with St. Paulís to form Siouxland Central School in September, 1959, with Erich Bredehoeft as principal.


Bethany, Concordia, Faith and Redeemer congregations became members of the association with students also attending from Calvary and Hope. The school had 197 children enrolled the first year and reached an all time high enrollment of 207 children in 1960.


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The area above the parish hall was finished into 3 classrooms, a cloak room and bathrooms in 1959 to help accommodate the enrollment. 

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Due to the inability to assume the financial responsibilities of operating a school, Redeemer withdrew from the association. In 1966 Bethany withdrew and Concordia followed shortly thereafter. Faith remained in the association with St. Paulís until 1969. The school then became known again as St. Paulís Lutheran School.


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A pre-kindergarten program was added in 1973. It is self-supporting through tuition. An educational resource center including a library was remodeled from a storage room. Much of the work and cost was donated by members of the Parent-Teacher League and the church.


In 1977 a building program provided the school with 2 new classrooms, a dining area for the hot lunch program and an improved playground area.








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