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This page contains pictures and descriptions of Zeta J, my 2000 Yamaha Road Star.


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She was purchased in June, 2000, and was named for Catherine Zeta Jones.


She was sold on October 2, 2004 and was replaced by El CID.


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She had beauty treatments from the following vendors:


Yamaha     Samson     Mustang     Barons


Custom World     Pro-One     KuryAkyn     


Memphis Shades     Leather Accessories Connexion     


Classic Cruiser     Phat Performance


Cobra     Aeromach     RC Components     Pacific Coast Star


Arlen Ness    Tricky Air    J & P Cycles



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I also endorse


Joe Rocket     CruiserBoot



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Stock Road Star


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45,309 miles when she was sold on October 2, 2004


Evolution of Zeta J


Want to see more? If you have the time, I have the pictures



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