This page contains pictures and descriptions of Xena, my 2001 Yamaha YZF600R.


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She was purchased in January, 2002, and was named for Xena, Warrior Princess.


She was sold on July 20, 2004 and was replaced by El CID.



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She has accessories from the following vendors:


Lockhart Phillips     Targa


GenMar     ForMotion


I also endorse


Joe Rocket     CruiserBoot



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Stock YZF600R



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XenaF04-05-03.jpg (63037 bytes)    XenalLRL04-05-03.jpg (69017 bytes)    XenaRF04-05-03.jpg (43566 bytes)    XenaRR04-05-03.jpg (61483 bytes)    XenaR04-05-03.jpg (80558 bytes)


4,380 miles when sold.


Thanks for visiting.



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